Video ads on mobile generate more sales

Marketing science academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field, has released the latest results in her Benchmark Series for ThinkTV, comparing the sales impact and attention generated by video advertising viewed on mobile devices on Facebook, YouTube, and TV (over Broadcaster Video-On-Demand services).

  • Ads viewed on mobile devices by consumers of Facebook, YouTube and Broadcaster Video-On-Demand (BVOD) all generated a positive sales impact for brands.
  • On mobile devices, the sales impact of BVOD is 33% higher than Facebook and 17.5% higher than YouTube.
  • The sales impact of TV outperforms Facebook and YouTube irrespective of screen.

Now with mobile devices increasing in importance for video viewing, we can see that all platforms benefit from the lean-in viewing experience. Of course, as we predicted, those with better inherent ad visibility still benefit more.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field

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